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  • Magnificent and Majestic

    With Aria Developments, you can let your imagination run free. We make your majestic visions of your dream home come to life. Our goal is to channel your dreams and ideas to real-life results before your eyes. Nothing is impossible with Aria Developments, allowing us to meet eye-to-eye with our visionary clients and exceed expectations every time.

  • Modern yet Comfortable

    Aria Developments ensures that each home is developed uniquely and reflects each client’s needs. We believe that the individuality of our clients need to be replicated in their one-of-a-kind modern home. Our developments are solely designed to give a futuristic flare and comfort, therefore making Aria Developments the standard in modern home development. We don’t look to the future for designs. We create the future through our designs.

  • Energy Efficient and Green

    Our homes are designed with our client’s interest and pocket in mind. Our designs embed the advantages of the site to make our homes more energy efficient by using nature’s free energy. We also incorporate the most advanced engineering tools and resources available to include advanced LED lighting, state of the art self-controlling HVAC automations, and heat conservation by using the world’s natural heat source : the sun. We use only high-efficiency and exceptional material in all of our buildings to provide minimal energy usage and loss.

  • Quality and Customer Service

    Being in constant contact with our clients and making them an integral part of our entire development process ensures we are providing our customers with the outmost quality service. We take many steps in guaranteeing that our clients are pleased with our work and their home. It is vital to us to incorporate as much client consultations and meetings as possible to address any concerns, visions, and details. Aria Developments focuses on one project at a time to ensure that our undivided attention goes towards your specific project. We are great believers in producing quality over quantity, which re-enforces our value in high-quality developments. We love what we do and we want to make sure you do too.

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  • About Us

    We are a dynamic group of professionals with expertise in all aspects of home development, with an eye for luxurious results, taking pride in our high-quality work. We see the full potential of your living desires and we deliver results. Our goals revolve around our client’s needs, comfort, and vision; guaranteeing your investment in Aria Developments. Our team understands the importance of a home: the place which should provide comfort, pleasure and sanctuary for years to come. Therefore, our architectural integrity shines through our developments, ensuring we provide our clients with a foundation for a better life- an Aria Developed home.

Life According to Sam Life According to Sam Life According to Sam Life According to Sam
  • Arash S. Nejad, President

    A professional engineer by trade, he has had extensive experience in marketing, segmentation, project control and management. He is a world traveler having lived in all continents throughout his previous career with GE. He brings passion and corporate experience into the team, running the operations in the same manner as a multibillion dollar global operations. Finance , marketing, and operations are his favorite topics.
    Arash says : “as Warren buffet correctly points out, price is what everyone is willing to pay and value is what they actually get. Our most important goal is to deliver the highest value to our customers . The entire operations from marketing to customer services are aligned to deliver that goal; that is how we stand apart from the competition”.

  • Naz Saati, Creative Director

    Art and design are her favorite topics. Having a major in French Literature , she enjoys languages and cultures more than anyone within the company. She takes photos of anything that resembles uniqueness and passion; this can be seen in her paintings and blogs. This is all complemented by her certificate in Interior Design and Graphic Design from University of Calgary. She is our creative director and makes final calls on aesthetics.
    Her Favorite Quote: “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

  • Robert Jansons, Sales and Marketing

    His four years in real estate is firmly founded on a career of entrepreneurship and vision. Business-minded clients seeking properties to reflect their success appreciate his no-nonsense assessments and willingness to let his results speak for themselves. Together with Jackson, his faithful canine partner, he knows the value of building trust based on common ideals. An enthusiastic supporter, Robert donates a portion of every transaction to the Calgary Humane Society.
    Robert says: "Allow our dedicated team to provide you with our outstanding signature service. We are committed to creating an excellent service experience for every client. Let us show you the difference only we can deliver."

  • Montee Sutter, Construction Project Manager

    He is the construction manager and site superintendent. He has over 20 years of experience in design and construction, and works closely with all the trades to ensure the project is built to the exact standards of the designers. His main focus is quality, environment, and safety of all people involved and ultimately he delivers the actual value; His goal is to ensure that he exceed the buyers' expectations.

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  • Services

    Our commitment to you is service and we provide solutions to cater to your needs. You may need a custom home built or even remodel your basement. We also provide construction services to larger development firms and commercial property owners.

    Construction Management
    Land Development and Construction
    Remodeling and Restoration
    Financing and investment

Aria Developments Aria Developments

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  • Address: Suite 301, 1615 10th Avenue S.W.,Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3C 0J7
  • e-Mail: info [at]
  • Phone: +1-587-316-2020
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